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Flyer Payoffs
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Image of the RTD Manufacturing Flyer Payoff

Features of the RTD Flyer Payoff
  • No external electricity or air to operate
  • One size fits on 800, 630 DIN and 24" reels (will modify for others)
  • Hardened pulleys; Radius, Flat, or "V" groove available
  • Chrome plated roller
  • Powder coated frames
  • Magnetic Tensioning Device Has:
    • Constant torque independent of shaft speed
    • No contacting or wearing parts
    • No friction elements - same smooth torque year after year
    • No magnetic particles to leak or contaminate end product
Warranty for the RTD Flyer Payoff
Order one.... or Order one-hundred.....

Same Two Year Parts & Labor Warranty.

But don't get to excited over our warranty -

After producing hundreds of units over the past years..... our warranty phone remains silent.

A recent RTD Flyer

A frame of extra flyer control rods